The Car Fire Isolator Blanket is the quickest, most efficient way to isolate and control Electric Vehicle and traditional car fires.

During an electric vehicle fire, over 100 organic chemicals are generated, including some incredibly toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide – both of which are fatal to humans. When the high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles catch fire, they are extremely difficult to extinguish. As the popularity of EVs begins to soar, there are concerns that fire departments globally are unprepared for the associated risk. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket enables you to isolate the flames, smoke and toxic fumes in a car fire, controlling it in minutes. We always recommend the use of correct PPE when using our products.

Why do Electric Cars with lithium-ion batteries pose a risk?

The central risk with lithium-ion batteries is fire. The batteries are unlikely to catch fire – but they can, through faults inside the battery, or from external damage. And when they do catch fire, the consequences can be serious.

What happens when a lithium-ion battery catches fire?

Once alight, lithium-ion battery fires are very hard to extinguish. Common fire suppressants don’t work and the fire can burn very fiercely. In some circumstances, the battery can explode. If you have a problem with one cell, it can start spreading.

This unstoppable fire is called “thermal runaway”. Water may assist with absorbing heat from some small fires, but it reacts dramatically with lithium – making it a bad decision to go directly on fires.

Lithium-ion fires also don’t burn cleanly, batteries can vent toxic gases into the surrounding area. It’s not always clear what these gases will be. For these reasons, some fire services have a code of not intervening in lithium-ion battery fires: they’re unlikely to suppress them because the risk to firefighters is too high.

Instead, they wait for the reaction to finish, and protect the surrounding environment.

How it works

Cover the Car Fire Isolator Blanket over the burning vehicle. This immediately isolates the flames and fumes. As a result, the fire will soon be controlled due to lack of oxygen. The lithium-ion batteries will continue to burn even without oxygen in electric vehicles.

It is recommended to leave the fire blanket on when transporting electric vehicles on a recovery truck.

Get ready

Place the fire blanket on the ground in front of- or behind the vehicle and roll it out.

Cover the vehicle

Two people should each grab their handles and safely pull the fire blanket over the car in one continuous movement.

Wait 20 minutes

Make sure the fire blanket is tight all the way to the ground. Wait at least 20 minutes before you remove the fire blanket.

Where to use

Car Parks

In any place where there is high concentration of cars, the Car Fire Isolator Blanket should be easily accessible. This can include multi storey car parks, shopping malls and office parking.


If a car has recently been involved in an accident it has a greater risk of self-igniting, especially with electric vehicles. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket should be on site and easily accessible.

Breakdown & Recovery Trucks

If a car has been involved in an accident or fire it is imperative that the breakdown recovery trucks have a Car Fire Isolator Blanket on board and it is accessible.


Car ferries have a high concentration of vehicles, and the spread of fire poses significant risk to life. It is crucial that a car fire is isolated as quickly as possible. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket should be accessible on every car deck.


Airports contain a large concentration of cars and other vehicles that can present a variety fire risks. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket should be accessible in all car parks, terminal buildings, hangars and runways.

Gas & Charging Stations

The obvious risk of car fire at a gas or charging station means a Car Fire Isolator Blanket should be easily accessible. When deployed at charging stations, it’s the only solution that can quickly and safely isolate the fire in lithium-powered vehicles. At a gas station, it can prevent the fire from spreading to the gasoline.

Why Use The Car Fire Isolator Blanket

The traditional methods of extinguishing car fires by foam or water dispense toxic fumes into the air and hazardous substances onto groundwater. The temperature that a lithium-ion battery burns at makes these methods unsuitable to tackle an electric vehicle fire. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket immediately isolates the smoke without spreading toxic fumes and substances. The use of a high temperature resistant Car Fire Isolator Blanket (up to 1600 degrees C, tested according to ISO EN 13501-1) takes away the oxygen, slowly smothering the Fire. The blanket alone will not kill the fire in the battery. It provides control of the situation. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket is also re-useable.

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Other Products

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What comes in the sample pack

Fire Blanket For Kitchen

Material: 100% Fiberglass

Size: 1.2m*1.2m

Thickness: 0.43mm

Weight: 430g/m2

Moped Fire Blanket

Material: Fire Blanket with silicone coating

Size: 3m*3m

Thickness: 0.45mm

Weight: 480g/m2

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Material: Fire Blanket with silicone coating

Size: 6m*9m

Thickness: 0.45mm

Weight: 480g/m2

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